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Have you gone through the Pros and Cons of having kitchen Benchtops? And, have you found out Granite Benchtop Price in Melbourne?

25 Jun 2019


Granite is a beautiful material that is used in benchtops all over the world. We see a lot of granite benchtops in Melbourne. Granite is a beautiful rock and is the result of the solidification of lava. Lava from volcano takes a long time to cool down, and on being cold it becomes hard rock called igneous which has several kinds, and one prime one is granite which is later used in benchtops and construction work with the help of various polishing and shaping tools.  We shall discuss the pros and cons as well as Granite Benchtop Price in Melbourne here in this article. Hope you get most of what you are looking for with regards to benchtops.

With granite one thing is sure that you are going to get a very pretty and aesthetically precise kitchen which your friends and family are going to love and would ask from where you got it done. It is a natural stone with a beautiful texture which attains shiny gloss once experts start to work on it.  With granite, you will have plenty of options to work with as granite comes in several colours. So, chose the one you think will suit your kitchen and just go for it. Do not forget to take expert advice in case you are going in for a little dramatic look in the kitchen with contrast wall paints, benchtops and cupboards.

Granite Benchtop Price in Melbourne cannot be fixed as there are many kinds of benchtops available in the market. With its aura and appeal, it has become one of the highest selling benchtop materials in Melbourne. Not just a kitchen, granite can be well used in bathrooms rooms. With granite, you can get excellent quality basins and slabs to keep your essentials in bathrooms and toilets. Granite is such a material that can be used at home as you think fit. It will also depend on the experts you hire. Some are great to work with as they understand the consumers well and know what it is to be done to suit the need. In this regard, it will not be unjust to mention Istonz who have made a good effort in catering to the needs of benchtops and have affordable Granite Benchtop Price in Melbourne.

Granite gets heated up, but the heat does not weaken the slabs, and your benchtop is going to be safe. Still, it is suggested that you take care of it by using pot base to prevent the surface from getting heated unlike Marble Stone Benchtops in Melbourne which does not get heated easily and is a bad conductor of heat.

A few things to look out for in granite benchtops

Every beautiful thing has a few weaknesses, and so is granite. It does not make it less worthy for the installation. We believe, it is important that you are aware of some of the weaknesses that it has so that you have a better knowledge of how to take care of it. Granite porous which means that it has pores in it. This again is not hard to identify those wines, oil, juices and food stain will get absorbed in it easily, and it is going to be difficult to take it off., This can be avoided when there is proper sealing done. Cheap laminate benchtops in Melbourne is done by many of the professionals.  Sealing is very important in this regard, and it is vital that the clints go for effective sealing of the granite benchtops. Sealing is of different kinds. No matter which quality you chose, it should not be kept for more than six months. You can find its price along with, Granite Benchtop Price in Melbourne.

  • Often people do not get the sealing done on the countertops at all, and the result is not seen immediately, but it will be there once a year passes by. When the staining happens on the covering, it is removable by removing the sealing. Once the stain becomes permanent, it is going to be difficult to reverse it. There may be some alternations done with the help of professionals in stone cleaning or benchtop cleaning.
  • Dropping of heavy things on the benchtop may chip the granite though this not very common, but it may happen on some occasions.
  • Another very important thing to watch out for granite is that the price that it is available at. Prices of granite are quite high, and for this reason, a lot of people are not able to afford it. So, if you are sure you want nothing else but granite, then Granite Benchtop Price in Melbourne may range from a $100 to $250 per square foot.

If you have a busy life and you cannot take care of your house, then it is suggested that you do not go for granite as it is going to be quite expensive and not taking enough care of it may lead to early depreciation thus leading to a bad investment. Apart from granite, there are many other options that one may go for. To have cheaper options you can talk to a few companies and visit the website. Italian marble benchtop is a cheaper option, and you may go for this one. It does not require much care. Only the colour has to be protected from tarnishing. Here too, a protecting top has to be laid out. You can do it yourself or give a call to professionals once you are uncertain about it. There are other stone benchtops options too. Granite Benchtop Price in Melbourne can also be precisely obtained by making just call to one of the dealers or installers.

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