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Want to keep your Marble Stone Benchtops in Melbourne new and shiny? Then, you must know these few things about Marble

25 Jun 2019


Marble has become the primary materials for the housing industry and almost every inter-related industry. It is a natural stone, and people love the beautiful look it gives. It’s cold, white and easy to clean. The white look of it is appreciated by many people.  One of the best uses of marble is seen in Marble Stone Benchtops in Melbourne.

Benchtops need to look good as well as they need to have the strength to endure for a good number of years. Benchtops are not luxury and are used roughly every day by every family member.  You have your meals there, keep the extras in the kitchen. Sometimes, the toddler in your family may want to sit up there.

Here in this article, we have tried to be transparent about some of the facts of marble. Knowing these points will help in taking care of better car of the Marble Stone Benchtops in Melbourne. It is important that the sellers try to be as transparent about the products they are selling so that the consumers do not feel been lied to and they have an idea about the time they will have to re-invest in the product.

So here we are! All truthful about the marble benchtops so that you know what you are buying and how long it is going to last in there and what are the precautions that you must take to prevent early damage.

Marble Stone Benchtops in Melbourne or anywhere in the world are porous as well as high maintenance. This means that it is prone to staining. The staining substances easily percolate the surface, and the staining becomes more or less permanent. In some cases, it may be reversed with professional cleaning. To prevent this, you can go for lamination cover, which is called the professional sealing of the surface of the marble. It is done professionally. Sometimes, people resort to doing their own. It is not a very tough job to do. You can change the stain sealing every six months. After that, you can use a ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide and with a few drops of ammonia and try wiping off the stain.

Marbles and Scratches cannot stay apart. Now that you are going to hunt for Marble Stone Benchtops in Melbourne let me tell you that scratches are something that you cannot avoid. It is going to appear at some point in time. I believe that is something we are all we aware of. Nothing can last forever and products that we buy get old and depreciation sets in. As the slabs are used for a lot of purposes, there is the removal of the shiny upper finish, and with time we see that scratches showing up. This can also be accompanied by a yellowness which is typical in white marbles.

We all know that the shortcomings that have been mentioned here are nothing in from of the beautiful look that marbles give. It is not that these signs start to show just the day after you have installed the Marble Stone Benchtops in Melbourne. It is going to stay new for a long time before these minor things start to become visible.

Everywhere you will see that marble is being used as the main materials in making beautiful kitchenware and beautiful items of decoration. Marble is quarried from ancient ages, and human civilization had learned to carve out marbles long back. So the art with marble is not something new to us. With technology, there are more machines being invented that have led to easy cutting and shaping. A lot of times of the stone workers are saved today owing to efficient tools. Cutting, shaping and polishing have now become easy. Due to the increased use of marbles, there has been increased development of these tools too. So, one can say that marble is very much needed in the construction industry and with the help of marble, one can get a string quality and beautiful looking Marble Stone Benchtops in Melbourne.

Often people think that marble is expensive, but that is not the case. The price of marble we chose will highly depend on the kind of marble you are selecting. There are many kinds of marble. Some are easily available. These may be bought at affordable prices. Carrara marbles from Italy are the ones that can be easily afforded. On the other hand, we have Calacatta which is difficult to get easily in the market, and due to its rarity, you may have to pay a little more than what is generally assumed by people.

So this was all about the marble. Hope you get a superb quality benchtop soon.

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