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You’ve put a lot of effort into creating your ideal outdoor entertaining area; your BBQ shouldn’t just sit there. Give your deck, patio, pergola or poolside area the designer touch with a strong and elegant stone BBQ bench by Istonz. We can create the outdoor cooking experience you’ve been dreaming of, just like you see in magazines and TV cooking shows. Having a well-designed stone BBQ surround a great way to encourage your inner gourmet while relaxing and enjoying quality time with family and friends.

Stone is a great choice for a BBQ setting because it is heat resistant, durable and easy to clean. Simply wipe down with a sponge or cloth – no need for harsh chemicals. Unlike wooden outdoor furniture, there will be no need to sand and oil it twice a year! Your stone BBQ area will stay looking great all year round, even after adverse weather. You can even place hot plates and utensils on the surface without fear of damage.

In addition to bench tops, perfectly cut to fit the size and shape of your BBQ, we can also create tables, drawers, shelves, storage areas and more. We have even made custom cabinets for bar fridges. With the addition of a small splashback behind the structure, you can also help to minimise mess. The designs and styles are limited only by your imagination.

Istonz are happy to discuss your design ideas and requirements, and arrange a free quote. Call 0430 770 377 to get started.