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Stone isn’t just for bench tops, table tops and vanities! The durability, weight, physical properties and style of stone make it suitable for a wide range of different surfaces, fixtures and décor features throughout your home. At Istonz, we proudly produce creative custom stone structures, including:

Floating shelves
Kitchen islands
Coffee table tops
Water features
Pillar caps
Outdoor seating and benches

…and many more. There are several benefits to working with stone. Firstly, it is chip and scratch resistant; unlike alternatives such as timber or synthetic materials, it won’t scratch or scuff. Secondly, it’s durable enough for practical purposes such as work benches or weight bearing structures. Thirdly, it’s temperature resistant; it won’t burn or warp in heat. This makes it ideal for fireplaces, benches next to stoves/BBQs, and more. There’s nothing quite like the cool feel of stone on a warm day. Of course – and most importantly for many – it’s elegant and stylish. Natural stone is full of subtle patterns, textures and individual differences.

If you have a creative idea for stone fixtures, furnishings or décor, we would love to hear about it. With over 20 years’ experience, the Istonz team has a high level of practical knowledge as to what works and what doesn’t. We can help bring your dream designs to life, at an affordable price and with relatively fast turnaround.

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