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What is granite?

Granite is a naturally occurring stone which is considered to be the hardest benchtop material.

What is marble?

Marble is also a naturally occurring stone which has been a favorite benchtop material since a long time now. However, it is less durable than granite and even other engineered stones.

How are marble and granite different from Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a manmade or engineered stone while marble and granite are natural stones.

Out of marble and granite, what works best for the kitchen?

We would recommend granite because a marble benchtop can suffer easily from stains. Also, granite is much more resistant to cracks when compared to marble. At the end of the day, it is your choice. While some people prefer the elegance of marble, some others would want the natural look of granite.

Can I use benchtops to sit or stand?

We will recommend you to avoid doing it. The stone is usually very strong but if there are cabinets underneath, you may damage it.

Can I put extremely hot pan on the benchtop?

There is less chance of damage but extremely hot pan might discolor the stone. In such scenarios, it is better to use a trivet.

Will spills affect the stone?

While it is very natural for spills to occur, it is advisable to clean up as soon as possible especially in case the spilled substance is acidic in nature because it badly affects a stone like marble.

How do I clean the stone?

When necessary, use slightly warm water and a neutral detergent for cleaning purposes. For different stones, the process might be different, so we would advise you to enquire from the people who install the benchtop.

Can the kitchen benchtop be used to cut vegetables?

While the stone is strong enough but cutting vegetables on it will damage the knives and the marks on the stone will also start to show up after some time. Hence it is a strict no-no. Buy a chopper board.

Can the cracks in the stone be repaired?

It depends on the color, stone and the severity of damage.

How can I get a free quote?

You can simply visit our website to request a free quote or contact us at 0430770377.

What information is generally required for a free quote?

It will depend on the type of stone, color and the design you want. If you can give us a fair idea of what you expect, we can provide you a free quote.

What all services do you offer?

Stone isn’t just for benchtops. We provide tabletops, fireplaces, coffee table tops, outdoor seating and benches and many more. For complete information, check our website or give us a call. We will be glad to answer your queries and also provide you with a free quote.