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Portions of your house that need makeover

11 Aug 2015

By ausweb

Who doesn’t love one’s house? Every one of us is obsessed with the beauty of one’s houses while sometimes we are concerned about others’ houses as well and spare an envious gaze at their premises. It is the tendency of an individual to have his possessions all the way better than those of others.

If you find that your house is not up to the mark in terms of interiors, then you ought to do something really interesting in the direction of adorning your house for spreading envy among your neighbours. This article will define the aspects you can surely consider to enhance the elegance in your house like anything.


Let’s get started with the kitchen, which is one of conspicuous portions of your house; it has to be impressive enough to mark the first impression firm and positive. Imagine a kitchen without daily need items. What do you envisage, probably, some wooden cabinets and a platform to uphold kitchen appliances? There’s no point in installing decors and exorbitant chandeliers inside the kitchen; whatever it could be done to enhance the appeal of a kitchen is all what you can do with the cabinets and the raised platform. And, nothing could do anything better than what benchtops can. Merely overlaying the raised platform with stone benchtops can do wonder about the appeal of your kitchen, provided that the benchtops in question hail from a trusted supplier, like Istonz.

Further, if you are planning remodelling for your kitchen, you can consider replacing wooden cabinets with granite enclosures and structures. It will lend a sheer sense of elegance to your kitchen interiors.


According to a survey, it was found that an average person spends 1 ½ years of his life inside bathroom. Further, you may add 1 year and 7 months to the aforementioned span to calculate the time that women spend inside bathroom in their entire lifetime. The bottom line is bathrooms engage us for quite a considerable time frame, on a daily basis, and they need to be pleasing to the eyes –for a bad bathroom could be reason to your mood swing.
It doesn’t take rocket science to furnish bathrooms in order to make them look good. The vanities and several platforms in your bathroom make a perfect nest for granite and marble slabs. They can be installed at the hands of professional, without much botheration. At Istonz, we promise to supply the most appropriate granite and marble benchtops for your compact and vast spaces, and there you have a pristine, elegant bathroom to start your day with.


Most of the houses in Australia are built with fireplaces and stoves. You can accentuate the outer edges, which open up in your living room, of fireplace with elegant granite and marble slabs. You can choose a marble slabs that go well with the colour scheme of your house interiors or you can opt for the one that exhibits contrast for the desired conspicuousness.


There are different ways in which you can adorn the walls, floors and raised platforms in your house, and Istonz is always there to assist you in as many ways