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4 Ways to Make Marble Part of your Home

09 Feb 2017

By ausweb

Marble is one of the very few rocks known for its beauty, timelessness and durability. No wonder, it is one of the most widely used construction materials till date. One of the best examples of an admirable work of marble is Taj Mahal, which is a world-renowned monument entirely constructed in a type of white marble. If you want to make this wonder material part of your home but do not know how to do it, read on to find out four ways to use marble in your home.

1. Marble Kitchen Island with matching marble countertop and marble backsplash: Marble can be introduced in your home as a marble kitchen island. Such kitchens not only make a great design statement but also live up to expectations, save space considerably and stand the test of time. Marble is also a better choice of material for countertops as it is durable and elegant. In fact, for your countertops, you should choose a material as long-lasting and gorgeous as quantum quartz in Melbourne. And the same rule applies to backsplashes. Backsplashes should be able to hold themselves up against wear and tear and staining, which is exactly what any impeccably finished slab of marble can do. The entire setting carved in marble would be great for a clean and sophisticated living space.

2. Marble table tops: You can use marble virtually everywhere you want a material to bear with staining and wear and tear and still continue to look timeless, elegant and a thing of beauty. So, you cannot go wrong with marble table tops. Even if the table with granite benchtops in Melbourne makes the centrepiece of a drawing room or furniture of your patio, your choice would be appreciated everywhere. You would end up making a great investment and adding oodles of beauty to your living space.

3. Marble tops and accent features for garden furniture: As marble is naturally weather resistant, there could be no choice better than marble benchtops in Melbourne to use with garden furniture. Their beauty and quality can easily withstand rain, sunshine and other extreme weather conditions. So, by using marble unsparingly along with your garden furniture, you can save yourself from worries.

4. Marble accessories and decoration items: If you do not want any permanent addition to your home from the marble material, then you can go with adding marble accessories, utensils and decoration items to your modern abode. They look exquisite and make cheerful, whimsical additions to your home. And of course, the best part is that they are long-lasting, so you can save yourself from the hassles of buying them over and over again unless of course you break them.

There is simply no end to the possibilities in which marble can be used in your home for decoration, beauty or function. Marble’s presence in living spaces makes them emerge as stunning, classic and unique.